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How was Whole Body Vibration developed? 
Whole body vibration has been used since Ancient Greece and attracted significant attention in the 1960's, specifically for the Russian cosmonats. Today, it is used worldwide, from NASA to private homes, doctor's offices, businesses, and athletics.

How does vibration work?
Standing on the plate simulates walking and activates 97% of your muscles, improving your balance and flexibility. 

Is it safe? 
Yes. Almost anyone can enjoy the benefits of LifetimeVibe. 

Will it help my pain? 
Vibration stimulates a release of hormones (serotinin), endorphins, and natural chemicals to relieve and suppress pain. 

How will increased circulation make me feel? 
Increased circulation will send oxygen and nutrients to all body systems. You will feel energized and stronger with better sleep, improved memory, and much more!
How LifetimeVibe Improves Muscle Strength
Cells need oxygen to function and oxygen fuels muscles. Whole Body Vibration oxygenates the entire body during exercise. Exercise creates friction, which in turn increases muscle strength and bone density.
LifetimeVibe produces this friction through neuromuscular stimulation due to a greater g-force. In other words, the nerves talk to the muscles!
You can work any muscle group on this machine without causing strain. This is very beneficial in rehabilitation after an injury or surgery and the key is consistency. Holding a position against the vibration intensifies the workout. Whole Body Vibration also serves as a great warm-up each morning. Use LifetimeVibe for just 10 minutes before work, playing sports, or participating in any physical activity.